Big Tijuana Cazadores Reposado Tequila, Cointreau and Grand Marnier
WC’s Purrfect Margarita
Cabrito Reposado tequila, Grand Marnier and a splash of O.J.

Beware the Kraken
Kraken Rum, Blue Curaco and fresh citrus.

Cabrito Blanco Tequila, fresh squeezed lime juice, topped with Jarritos grapefruit soda.

Red Sangria
Our house recipe

Hot Spicy Pineapple
Jalapeño infused Cabrito Blanco Tequila with a splash of pineapple.


Ice cream, cocktails and desserts available.
Rum, mint leaves, fresh lime juice

Tijuana Tio
Long Island Tijuana style

Un Poco Loco
Phillips Amaretto, Southern Comfort and a little bit of crazy.

Bloody Escobar
A custom bloody designed for you!

Mary Margaret
Little Ts frozen margarita topped with succulent sangria

Ask your server about this crowd pleaser!

Gigantic Nachos Supreme
Our famous corn tortilla chips covered with cheese, black olives, onions, jalapeño peppers, lettuce, tomatoes.

Chili Con Queso
(hot cheese sauce)
A blend of cheeses, green chillies, peppers, tomatoes, and seasonings. Chips or Warm Tortillas.

Jalapeño Poppers & Cream Cheese
Six jalapeño peppers filled with cream cheese, breaded and deep fried. Served with mango jalapeño sauce.

Fresh Homemade Chips
(fried or dry)
With our homemade house salsa

Guacamole & Chips
Our homemade best!

Two flour tortillas stuffed with cheese, lettuce, tomato and onions, fried and served with pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole.
Mexican Street Tacos NEW
Steak with Cilantro & Onion

Pacifico Beer Battered Fried Tilapia
with shredded cabbage and delicious crema sauce.

Chili Lime Grilled Shrimp
with shredded cabbage and delicious crema sauce.

Mozzarella Sticks
Beer battered, served with marinara sauce.

Onion Rings

Chicken Fingers

Waffle Fries

Waffle Cheese Fries

Hand Spun Malts

Chips & Cheese

MEXICAN DINNERS Sorry, No Mix & Match

#1 Tijuana Special Dinner
One hard taco, two enchiladas, one tostada. Served with beans, rice, and an organic salad.

#2 Tijuana Baked Plate
Soft corn tortillas covered with beef & beans and topped with our own enchilada sauce and melted cheese.

#3 Mom’s Taco Dinner
Three tacos stuffed with your choice of filling, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. Served with beans & rice. Choose from hard or soft corn shell or soft flour shell.

#4 Tostada Dinner
Two tostadas with a layer of beans, your choice of topping and a side of beans & rice

#5A Bean & Cheese Dinner
One cheese enchilada, one bean tostada, and one Cheese Crisp

#5B Beef & Cheese Dinner
One beef enchilada, one beef tostada, and one Cheese Crisp

#5C Chicken & Cheese Dinner
One chicken enchilada, one chicken tostada, and one Cheese Crisp

#5D Veggie & Cheese Dinner
One veggie enchilada, one tostada, and one Cheese Crisp

#6 Taco Enchilada Dinner
Two tacos and two enchiladas served with beans & rice. Choose from hard or soft corn shell or soft flour shell. *the Urban Myth is alive & well.

#7 Enchilada Dinner
Three enchiladas stuffed with your choice of filling, cheese and served with beans & rice.
#8 Tijuana Chimichanga Dinner
A deep fried tortilla with a mixture of rice, cheese, and your choice of filling. Served on a bed of lettuce and topped with cheese, black olives and sour cream. Enchilada Style available.

#9 Veggie Lover’s Enchilada Dinner
Three enchiladas stuffed with broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, covered with cheese and baked served with beans & rice

Tamale Dinner
Two tamales (chicken, shredded pork or jalapeño cheese), rice and beans. Served enchilada style. Baked with enchilada sauce and cheese.

Fajita Dinner
One half pound of marinated, charboiled steak, chicken, shrimp, or veggie served on a sizzling platter with peppers and onions. Warm flour tortillas, sour cream, cheese, guacamole and
pico de gallo on the side. Enough for two!

Mexican Dinner Fillings
Seasoned Ground Beef, Veggies, Shredded Chicken, Pinto Beans or Pork.
Grilled Chili Lime Shrimp
For details ask your server

Delicious Guacamole, Sour Cream, Seasoned Sour Cream or Pico is available for a small charge.

Our burgers are extra lean one half pound, charbroiled, served with pickles and waffle fries. Add onion rings or a side salad. Substitute veggie black bean burger for any beef or chicken grill item.
Isabella’s Blue Cheese Burger
Topped with homemade blue cheese dressing, cheddar cheese and real bacon bits.

Philly Burger
Sautéed peppers, onions & mushrooms with mozzarella cheese

Broccoli Burger
Covered with blanched broccoli flowerettes and melted Swiss cheese

JR’s Cajun Burger
Charbroiled in Cajun spices and topped with melted cheese

Bacon BBQ Cheddar Burger
Topped with BBQ sauce and two onion rings

Comet’s Hamburger
Plain and unadorned
Gabe’s Inferno Burger
Fried jalapeños, pepper cheese, lettuce and tomato

Jacks Whittier Burger
Melted Monterey jack cheese, two strips of bacon and guacamole

Gourmet Burger
Mushrooms, sautéed onions, Swiss and American cheese

Uptown Burger
Topped with American cheese, shredded lettuce, tomato, and Southwest Buttermilk Ranch

Mushroom Swiss Burger
it is what it is

Veggie Black Bean Burger
Meatless with lettuce and tomato

Charo’s Grilled Cheese
with waffle fries

Kid’s Chicken Basket

Made with brown sugar chili bacon, served with waffle fries

Philly Chicken
sautéed peppers, onions & mushrooms with mozzarella

LA Chicken Sandwich
Charbroiled marinated chicken breast, with Jack cheese and sliced avocado
BBQ Breast Of Chicken
Chicken breast basted with BBQ sauce and covered with Mozzarella cheese and bacon

Chicken Veggie
8 oz. marinated chicken breast, charbroiled and topped with broccoli, Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato

Cajun Chicken
with Swiss, lettuce and tomato

Your choice of filling wrapped in a corn tortilla, smothered with our own enchilada sauce, covered with cheese and baked until golden brown.

Shredded Pork
Beef or Bean
Grilled Chili
Lime Shrimp

With lettuce, tomato, & cheese. Choose hard or soft corn shell or soft flour shell.

Shredded Pork
Beef or Bean
Grilled Chili
Lime Shrimp

A five inch crisp corn tortilla baked with a layer of beans & your choice of filling, cheese, lettuce & tomato.

Grilled Chili
Lime Shrimp

Cheese Crisp
A six inch crisp corn tortilla with jalapeños, topped with cheese.

A 10 inch flour tortilla with cheese, lettuce, tomato and add your choice of filling.

Enchilada Style Burrito
Smother your burrito, chimi, or tamale in cheese and our own enchilada sauce- baked in the oven till it bubbles

Deluxe Fajita Burrito
1/2 order of fajitas wrapped in a tortilla.

Fajita Shrimp
Bean & Rice

Includes sour cream, cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole, peppers, onions and lettuce

Homemade from ground cornmeal, masa, and served in a corn husk. Shredded pork, chicken or jalapeño cheese.